Betch’s Night Out

Ciao loves! I like going out, don’t get me wrong. I like my occasional girls wine night out. And I can’t forget about my “tequila shots night” out, or my “margarita aka eat like shit[…]


Break Up Stages.. Psycho…

Ciao loves! I went through multiple breakups. My past one was really rough. It really hit me hard. I feel as if when we go through BAD relationships we go through weird, obnoxious break up[…]


Next stop…The North Pole!

Ciao loves! Are my sister and I the only ones who listen to Christmas music all year round? Not even that, we also watch Christmas movies all year round. So many people can’t stand Christmas music[…]


Morticia Addams Wannabe…

Ciao loves! K, so you know how black is such a pretty color to wear yet EVERYONE just questions the fact that you are always wearing it? You just want to slap a betch across the face[…]